Cuban Cuisine

LAGUNA SEAFOOD RESTAURANT is a favorite restaurant, specializing in Cuban cuisine in Miami, FL.

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A Blend of Cuisines

Cuban cuisine is a wonderful blend of Native American Taino food, Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. This diverse background of Cuban cooking never fails to create a truly unique dining experience for our customers

Take a trip to Cuba every time you walk into our traditional Cuban restaurant. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The items on the menu at LAGUNA SEAFOOD RESTAURANT are sure to satisfy.

“Take a trip to Cuba with us”

Cuban Cuisine Hialeah

Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban sandwiches are a can’t-miss pleasure when you are thinking about ethnic cuisines. At LAGUNA SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, we offer a wide range of sandwiches made with authentic recipes, using the freshest ingredients available.

You are welcome to eat-in or buy takeout food for your day or evening. We also provide delivery services throughout Miami. Order now!

“Authentic recipes and fresh ingredients”

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Reputable restaurant
  • Operating for over 29 years
  • Dine-in and delivery services
  • Use all local produce
  • Traditional Cuban cuisine

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